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What our clients say

We love our Polar Spa because it brings the whole family together, young and old, especially the young ones.
The Bryson Family - 811 Owners
May 29, 2013


Control or monitor your Bullfrog Spa from any smartphone or tablet!

Bullfrog hottubs makes it easy to monitor and conrtrol you spa with the optional cloud control system. Now you can control your hot tub settings when connected to any wifi or cellular signal.  See Video >>

Introducing STIL - A New Concept in Modern Hot Tub Design

This 2015 iF Design Award winner is Elegant & modern, STIL™ represents a new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design.  See Video >>



Ever wished for something just a little 'cooler' or more 'refined' for your exquisitely designed yard? Our new... http://t.co/yo4cX0aPUK
On Mar-20


Polar Spas Supports

Imagine yourself relaxing completely after a hard day's work. You let the pain in your muscles, the achiness in your limbs, and the stress and tension rifling your head dissipate entirely. This is life as it should be. This is your life after you have purchased one of the finest products from Polar Spas including our excellent hot tubs in Edmonton or Aqua swim spas or hot tubs in Calgary.

Quality Hot Tubs in Calgary & Edmonton & Great Customer Service

When it comes to getting the best out of little during one of the coldest winters, a hot tub ranks high on the list. Polar Spas provides a wide range of hot tubs in Edmonton as well as Calgary. They are easy to install, ergonomically designed, energy efficient, quality products, made with durable materials. The variety of models available - all therapeutic in the design and placement of their jets, allows you to pick one of the best suited to your needs and pocketbook.

Polar Spa's also carries an amazing line of Swim Spas. They make exercising indoors so much easier and fun than a full-length pool. These alternatives are easy to install, less costly and very space considerate.

More than Just Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Polar Spas provides more than hot tubs in Calgary and Edmonton. We have countless products dedicated to making your life more relaxing and comfortable. Relax in the shade of a beautifully designed outdoor party, sitting your guests on comfortable and stylish patio furniture inside the gazebo or under the open roof of a Pergola. Heat things up with a stylish fire-table, or a dream bbq. All of our products are high quality, and designed to make your life more enjoyable, because you deserve it.

We also carry lines of residential and commercial tanning beds as well as infrared saunas, massage chairs, pool tables, billiard supplies, poker & other game tables. If you are looking for anything to make your life at home more comfortable and/or enjoyable, talk to one of our helpful consultants today.