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What our clients say

Its been four years since we proudly purchased our first (and only) Polar Spa. Our family has spent many moments enjoying "family time" in the warmth of the water. I have learned that during our weekend mornings in the hot tub, that children and parents just seem to open up. There is no better wa...
Wanda Gulliford
May 29, 2013


Control or monitor your Bullfrog Spa from any smartphone or tablet!

Bullfrog hottubs makes it easy to monitor and conrtrol you spa with the optional cloud control system. Now you can control your hot tub settings when connected to any wifi or cellular signal.  See Video >>

Introducing STIL - A New Concept in Modern Hot Tub Design

This 2015 iF Design Award winner is Elegant & modern, STIL™ represents a new concept in holistic wellness and modern hot tub design.  See Video >>



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