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Ring Types: It’s Your Style, It’s Your Ring

Did you finally propose to your partner? Well, it’s a great thing then. Once you are done with your proposal and your partner accepting it, the real challenge starts. The challenge is all about finding the perfect engagement ring that would perfectly complement the taste of your partner.

For would-be brides, the whole process of engagement can be an exciting affair. However, for many grooms deciding on the perfect engagement ring can be very excruciating affair. According to engagement rings Vaughan stores, grooms are bound to get confused when they get to see so many different options available for rings starting from classic solitaire to bold designs.

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Check Out the Different Kinds of Engagement Ring Styles

Before you head to a store for buying an engagement ring, you will need to have a proper idea about the different ring styles. The most popular styles of rings are:

Solitaire: This kind of ring styles can become an elegant and timeless piece. If you are picturing an engagement ring like an elegant band holding a sparkling diamond, solitaire can be an ideal one. This kind of engagement rings Vaughan can never go out of style. The brilliance of the diamond can be seen when it gains maximum amount of light exposure.

Halo: It is a vintage ring style that is usually characterized by smaller pieces of diamonds surrounding the central gemstone or diamond. The small pieces of diamonds improve the appearance of center gemstone. Fashionistas can settle for this kind of ring as any shape and size of center diamonds gets accented by the halo.engagement ring in vaughan

Three-Gemstone: This style of engagement rings Vaughan is characterized by central diamonds that is often complimented by two smaller diamonds on its side. Any combination of stone shapes and size can be used for this ring. The two side diamonds which joins the center stone symbolized ‘Yesterday, Today, Forever’ journey of a couple. This kind of ring can look beautiful with classic emerald or princess cut diamonds embedded on them.

Pave and Vintage: In pave style of engagement rings, the stones are set so close to each other that the metal can’t be seem. This style can be the perfect one for those who want to show off solid structure of diamond embedded rings. On the other hand, vintage style is apt for those who prefer to go for timeless beauty on rings like minute engravings and detailing on them.

Cathedral: This style can be integrated into a wide array of custom engagement ring designs, such s the solitaire. This kind of ring style can come with single or triple microwave channel settings in them.

Channel Set: Want to settle for seamless engagement rings Vaughan style? The channel set can feature diamond set on a mounting without prongs and smaller diamonds along the band. Hence, provides a contemporary look to a modern woman.

Swirl: This style of ring come with a swirl around the diamond or centre stone. The unusual shape gives the ring an artistic look.


Just when you walk into a jewelry store, you will come across a wide range of engagement ring styles. Each style of engagement rings Vaughan is distinctive and carries its own charm. However, the choice of ring style ultimately depends on wearer’s taste and preference.