Many homeowners might feel that they don’t need to carry a routine check of the doors and windows of their homes, as their home is a brand new one. Even if a home is a brand new one, gaps can be found across the windows and doors, attic hatches, joints of ceiling walls. Obviously, you won’t want the cold air to blow through these gaps and increase the electricity ill. So just before the winter season sets in, you need to ensure the doors and windows of your home are in proper state. In case, there are any gaps, it should be immediately addressed. Only then the home can remain cozy.

Keeping Home Cozy

If homeowners want to keep their home cozy and warm, they should ensure that the doors and windows are properly insulated. Although insulating a home isn’t very affordable, there are some insulation hacks which if followed can keep the home warm.

Windows and Doors

Installing New Sweeps

Homeowners can easily replace the old door sweeps with new ones. Preferably, wooden sweeps can be used so that it can be painted just like the door color. Homeowners will need to ensure that the sweep should fit perfectly with the door.


If the doors don’t fit properly to the frame, gaps are created. Through the gaps, warm air can move outside and cold air can move inside. In case there are some gaps, just get hold of some weatherstrips. Well, weather-stripping can easily seal the gaps present on the windows and doors.

Double Glazing

One low cost way to keep the home energy efficient is by using double glazing. It can keep the home energy efficient and the cost of insulation is very less.

Using Foam TapeWindows and doors

A great alternative to weather proofing solution is to use high-sticky foam tapes. The foam tapes can be easily warped around the drafts present on the windows and doors. Only appropriate size of tape needs to be cut and used.

Insulated Curtains

If you want to ensure the heat stays within the room during the winter months, one can easily hang thermal curtains. The curtains can easily block the drafts and prevent the hot air to blow outside.

Cellular Shades or Bubble Wrap

They are perfect for insulating the windows. They can be easily customized as per the need of the customers. Alternatively, if one is not able to afford them, one can go for bubble wrap. It can keep the home remain warm for certain period of time.

Spray Foams

For windows and doors, spray foams can act as a great insulator. Even though the process of applying foams can be bit complicated, it can keep the home very warm. However, for applying spray foam, taking the help of a professional is always advisable.

Windows and Doors

Duct Tape

Duct tape can be applied around the corner of doors and windows. It can easily keep out the cold air from entering inside.

Well, these are some hacks, with which one can easily add an extra layer of insulation for the windows and doors. Following these hacks won’t even need to shell out extra bucks from your pocket.