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What Is A Bong? How Do I Use One?

Are you looking forward to new ways to consume cannabis? Well, if your answer is an affirmative yes, you can try out equipments like bongs.


What Is A Bong?

Before you head to a store to buy bongs, you need to know about this equipment in detail. Basically, bong also known as a water pipe is a filtration device that is used for smoking cannabis or any other substances.

Off late, bongs are increasingly being used by cannabis smokers in order to enhance their cannabis smoking experience. However, when the question of cannabis smoking comes, various methods are available.

One such way to smoke cannabis is taking the help of a bong.

Bongs are available in different sizes and shapes. The water pipe can be made from different materials. For instance, it can be made up of glass, wood, clay, bamboo, plastic, and ceramic.

When you buy bongs, you will get to know that the water bong filters and cools the smoke. This is done so that the end-user gets a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Parts of a Bong

Bongs seem to have derived from hookahs. However, they differ from hookahs greatly. One needs to understand the basic parts of the bong. They come with following parts. They are:

  • Bowlbong parts

This forms the round attachment where dried flower is stacked and combusted. It can be removed.

  • Carb Hole

It forms the small hole which allows the user to get clear smoke from the bong chamber. Mostly, glass bongs can have slide carb.

  • Downstem

It is the small tube which allows smoke to travel from the bowl to the base. It allows smoke to be oozed through the water.

  • Base

It forms the bottom of a bong. Hence, it can take many shapes. Mostly, it is shaped like a beaker.

  • Tube

When you buy bongs from reputed manufacturers, you will get to know that it forms the mouthpiece. This chamber is filled with smoke once it is filtered with water. Lately, modern designed bongs come with many twists, such as cavities inside the tube so that ice can be used for cooling down the smoke.

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Using It

If you plan to smoke cannabis with a bong, you need to know its working process. Going for a fully loaded bong can be great. However, you can also experiment with the bongs.

When you buy bongs, it comes with a user manual. It would ask a user to insert ice or water inside the pipe and prepare it. One can place their lip around the tube and flame the bowl. At this point, the hole in the tube needs to be covered so that the smoke flows inside the mouth. After that, one would need to inhale it. Bong connoisseurs can use water alternatives in order to get great smoking experience.

If you are looking forward to a clean and healthy way to smoke tobacco or cannabis, you can buy bongs. Bongs being deeply engrained within the cannabis culture are getting very popular.